Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dating is a Roller Coaster

I met Nate on He viewed my profile and I winked at him. He immediately sent an email back. I gave him my number after a few emails since I was going to be out. He text me and we text back and forth all night. I was over at a friend’s house carving pumpkins. He mentioned he loved roasted pumpkin seeds and hadn’t had them in awhile. I thought it would be cute to bring him some on our first date. He didn’t ask me out yet but I knew he would. The next day, Sunday, he text me early afternoon and we text back and forth all day. He asked me on a date. We decided on Tuesday and I picked The Well in Waldo.

I met Nate Tuesday night and thought he was very cute. He was tall and looked like his pictures. We had tons to talk about and lots in common. I gave him the pumpkin seeds and he loved them. I was getting a really good vibe. Nate walked me to my car and we kissed. We had discussed over text how much we both loved roller coasters; we made a second date to go to Worlds of Fun on Saturday. I had plans to go with my sister and her boyfriend. When I got home I already had a text from Nate telling me what a great time he had.

Over the next week Nate text me every day. We would text back and forth all day and evening. Nate seemed really into me and I was into him too. He told me several times how excited he was to go to Worlds of Fun. He asked me on a date for Thursday too but I already had plans with my girlfriends.

On Saturday morning I got a text from Nate “Today is the day!” I went to pick him up and he gave me a tour of his house. We met my sister and her boyfriend and rode with them. Worlds of Fun was crowded but we had a really good time. We walked around and rode all the roller coasters. The lines were really long so we had time to talk. Even when we weren’t talking I felt very comfortable with him. We were at Worlds of Fun for about 8 hours so it was a long date. I took Nate home and went inside for a few minutes. We kissed and said goodbye.

The next day Nate text me saying he was bored and had nothing to do that day. I suggested we hang out. He said he would like that. I didn’t hear from him so I made plans to go to Waldo Pizza and The Well with my girlfriends. He did text me back and I invited him but he said he felt like staying home. Later that night he invited me over so I went over to his house for a little while. We watched some TV and kissed for a bit. I didn’t stay too long since I had to work the next day.

On Monday I text Nate to see how his day was going. He was having a bad day. I didn’t hear from him after that which I thought was odd since usually we text back and forth all day. I didn’t hear from him that night, or the next day. Finally on Thursday, I decided to text him. I just text that I hoped his week was better and it was almost the weekend. He never text me back.

I understand not every guy I go out with is going to be interested in me. I don’t understand not having the courtesy to let me know. A few days ago he was telling me how much he liked me then nothing. How does that change in two days? How hard is it to send a text? “I’m sorry I’m not interested.” Simple, direct, to the point.

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