Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update to Second chance

After I posted my last blog about Will I got several texts from him. I knew we were friends on Facebook but I didn’t really think he checked it that often so I didn’t think he would read it. Clearly, he did.

His texts basically said he still cared about me a lot and was stressing about job, money, etc. He did apologize about canceling on me. He also said he had said that we weren’t going to date just see how things went. When we went out in Lawrence his words were “I want to get back together”. What was I supposed to think about that? I thought he meant he wanted to get back together since that’s what he said.

He felt the need to defend himself. Which is fine. The point of my blog is to express my feelings and the situations I have been in while dating. I didn’t say anything bad about him. I stated what happened and how I felt about it.

His excuse was the same as it was when we dated two years ago. Nothing has changed with him. I have since deleted him from Facebook and have moved on.

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