Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too much, Too Soon

Bob and I had been texting a few months ago but it just faded out. He sent me a message recently asking if I had forgotten his number. I wrote back and told him I hadn’t but he stopped texting me so I didn’t think he was interested anymore. He explained he was dating someone for awhile. We text for a few days and he finally asked me on a date.

We met on Sunday night at Jerry’s Bait Shop (one of my favorite bars) and had a few beers. Bob seemed like a nice guy, he was cute and tall, almost 6’4”. We had a good conversation. We were discussing our schedules. He works early and gets off around four. I go in late and don’t get home until about eight. As we’re discussing our schedules he says he can be at my house by 8:15 the next night to watch a movie. I was kind of taken off guard so I agreed.

He came over the next night, Monday, to watch a movie. He had mentioned that he was a little broke so that’s why we stayed in. We got along fine and shared a good night kiss. I was a little worried about a few things. He was jumping right in. He had a daughter and wasn’t sure if he wanted more kids. Heavy stuff for the first few dates but it came up so we discussed. Bob was always texting me good morning, pictures he had taken, asking how my day was. I thought it was sweet at first. We hang out another night that week.

On Friday, after work I was going out with coworkers. (which was a blast by the way) He text me that day and asked if I wanted to go Trick or Treating with him and his daughter. I gave a non committal answer. I was a little shocked by this. I thought it was way too soon for that. I don’t have kids but I think that’s a big step. That night I was out with my coworkers. He text me four times without me responding and posted on my Facebook six different comments. It was a bit excessive for an hour time frame.

By this point, I knew this was not going to work. Too much, too soon. Saturday he text me a few times and I text back. I wasn’t ready to deal with him just yet. Saturday night I was at a party and he text me a few times without me responding. Sunday comes around, he texts asking if I’m still interested. I text back and told him Friday freaked me out with all the texting, Facebook posting, and wanting me to meet his daughter. I told him I thought he was a nice guy but I didn’t think it was going to work long term. He was actually pretty cool about it, although a bit melodramatic. He had left some movies at my apartment so he wanted to come get them the next night. He came by and grabbed the movies. He was on the phone and didn’t even come inside. So, that’s done.

I know better than to rush things but I just got caught up. He was sweet and showering me with attention. He had read my blog so he should know I can handle that for only so long. Of course I want the guy I’m dating to text me, etc. but I get overwhelmed easily.

My mom thinks I should take a break from dating. She’s usually right but......There is this sexy, flirty guy at work I’ve got my eye on.